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    Default ** meta ** upgrade thread

    ** meta, indicating a concept which is an abstraction from another concept
    Instructions: copy this post and change the text within the square brackets to your own preferred disaster scenario.

    I [upgraded without following the directions, docs, tutorials or FAQs] and now I [have a problem which has brought down my only live site] so I [came here asking for help while still not reading the docs].

    I am [explaining my problem in great detail] but without giving [any basic information about my site or what I did to it] so that people who might help me [will have to waste their time asking obvious questions] so they can [gradually intuit] that I [didn't read the upgrade docs] and [didn't do the upgrade correctly].

    Also, I [used a commercial template which can't be upgraded] and I tried to [do the upgrade using a script] but you won't [learn this until the seventh post below].

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    Default Re: ** meta ** upgrade thread

    **snickers** thanks for the giggle..
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    Default Re: ** meta ** upgrade thread

    Sadly, it's just like Aggie jokes --- They're all true.



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