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    Default creating a invoice

    i have some wholesale customers who place orders through fax, is there a way i can send them a invoice through the zen cart, so it is easy to keep a track of in one place

    is it possible to do a order for a customer in the zencart as the admin

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    Default Re: creating a invoice

    Yes, and Yes.

    I use a free download contribution authored by blindside to print invoices.
    I have used it through various Zencart versions through v1.3.9h. I do not know what it takes to implement with Zencart 1.5.0 but it will likely work without modification. You can print the invoice from Admin and you have the option to provide the customer a means to print an invoice directly from their account if they login.

    To place an order on behalf of a customer, simply go to your website and pretend you are the customer. I take phone orders that way. Just walk through the order process asking the customer for the information over the phone as you go (or in your case, getting the info from the fax.) It is helpful if you install the Master Password free download so you can log into an existing customer's account without keeping track of different passwords. Go here for that download and be sure to pick the version for your version of Zencart.

    There are some free downloads on the Zencart support site that can streamline order taking. Some make it easier to log into the customer's account from the admin area.

    All of the downloads can be found by clicking on the Plugins menu item at the top of this forum page. - ZenCart 1.3.9h - ZenCart 1.3.9h - ZenCart 1.3.8a

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    Default Re: creating a invoice

    thanks for the help much appreciated, all sorted out now, thanks



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