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    Default Cardsave Redirect Module: Order confirmation sent before credit card is processed

    Hi Zen Carters,
    I just installed a credit card processing addon to my Zen cart. The card processing is done on the card processors server.

    Cardsave Redirect Payment Module was configured with the below.

    The Successful Order Status
    Payment Successful [7]

    Failed Order Status
    Payment Failed [6]

    When I was testing the card processing gateway using dummy numbers provided by the card processing company I noticed:

    1) The order confirmation email was already sent before being redirected to the card processing gateway.

    2) If I enter an invalid card and I get an invalid card error and when I view the order status it will say 'Payment Failed' or 'Pending'. However the shoppers still gets an email saying;

    Subject: Order Confirmation No: 49

    Order Confirmation from

    John Doe

    Thanks for shopping with us today!
    The following are the details of your order .....

    Is there a way I can have;

    a) the email to go to the shopper after the card has been processed?
    b) and the email to shopper with same status as in admin (Card declined: AVS policy, or Payment Successful Cross Reference: 11233333455667777788889999 | AuthCode: 012345)?

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Cardsave Redirect Module: Order confirmation sent before credit card is processed


    Same issue order generated before payment done....

    Can any one know what is the issue...




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