I have been posting in AutoFacebook Support thread for a while with no response - Jamielife who contributed the add-on back in 2010 hasn't posted in the support thread since May 2011. The read me file only covers installation (nothing beyond that) and that is outdated now with new Facebook procedures in place since the read-me file was done.

So that is why I am posting in here.

I have the authorization done (eventually) and when I create a new product I get a message in admin saying that Facebook has been updated, HOWEVER when I go to facebook the new product notification is nowhere to be seen. I have seen similar posts in the support thread over the past few months on the same issue(s) with no solutions forthcoming.

I am hoping there is someone out there who is using this add-on (out of the over 5000 downloads) that knows how it works that can offer some assistance.

many thanks in advance,