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OK, I figured out what was going on. It was an earlier discussion in the thread the put me on to this, as I upgraded from 1.3.9h to 1.5.6c, I had an Create_Account.php file in my /store/includes/modules/Custom folder, which wasn't upgraded and was still 1.3.9h, and as such, was missing the line that needed to be added. I renamed the file, copied the standard file there, and it's now working. I just have to figure out if the differences between the 1.3.9h and the 1.5.6c files in relation to customization's, assuming that there were any in the first place.

I believe I placed the file there as I was making changes as it was 1.3.9h, so it may not even be necessary to have this file in my custom folder any longer, and I just confirmed that this is the case.

Thanks for everyone's help.


To address this/figure it out, obtain a copy of 1.3.9h (available through links on the main page of this website) and compare includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_create_account_default.php (or whatever equivalent file) to the one you had in your customs folder. Any changes made there would be the ones to consider incorporating into your current versions equivalent file. Like you said, may not be necessary, but won't really know until that file comparison is done...