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    Default New PRODUCTS fields not showing


    I am using zencar 1.9.3h. I am having trouble displaying my new fields using the module tpl_product_info_display.php.

    To back up, first I added the new fields to my database. Then I modified the code so I could see these fields in the admin area to populate them (collect.php and preview.php). I also use EZpopulate so I made sure I could get information into these fields that way. All is working well.

    Now that I actually have data in these fields, I want to display them and they are not showing up. Right now, I am just trying to add one of the fields. These fields exist in my PRODUCTS table. First I added the fields main_template_vars.php in the $sql set. (I followed the directions written by chris at linususer).

    Then I edited tpl_product_info_display.php in my custom template directory. First I stuck in the command

    <?php echo 'test' ?> to make sure I was in the correct place. I checked my store and I was. Now I tried all of the following to get it to echo a new field:

    <?php echo $products_designer ?>
    <?php echo $products->fields['designer'] ?>
    <?php echo $products_info->fields['products_designer'] ?>

    The last one is what the thread seemed to use. I read 12 pages of the "How to add new Properties to Products" but couldn't figure it out. A lot of them are old so I thought I'd ask for help.

    Obviously I don't understand php. For example, I am not sure why they said to do $products_info....and not just use $products_designer as they do for predefined fields.

    Thank you in advance. I hope I included enough information.


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    Default Re: New PRODUCTS fields not showing


    I'm trying to do the same thing myself, I don't suppose you've cracked it?


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    Default Re: New PRODUCTS fields not showing

    Search the Plugins area for "product fields". There are a few mods which do this. You could use one of them as is or just look at their code to see how to do it.

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