This is weird, I am very familiar with Zen cart and have used it on a lot of websites. I have never heard of this one.

I am using zen cart 1.39 and the issue just started. They have had the site for 6 months and been adding items themselves. They have added 100's and never had an issue until last week. Nothing on the hosting account has changed so I'm not sure what the issue could be.

Hoping someone might of heard of this before.

They add an item manually and it does have a similar name to another product but not the same name. It is not a duplicate or linked item.
It will allow them to add an image and once she approves it the image is live. Then after a couple hours (not really sure of timeframe) it switches the image to another product.

For example, this one


should have a different image, instead it is showing the same image as this one


Has anyone ever heard of this happening?