I have recently installed ZenCart for the first time. It was installed as version 1.5.0. I have installed the Aberdeen Neutral Template and made some formatting changes.

I have the following 8 shipping modules listed under the Modules/shipping area:

Flat Rate
Free Shipping Options
Per Item
Per Unit
Store Pickup
Table Rate
Zone Rates

I downloaded the USPS Shipping Module Update (v 1.3.9) from this URL: http://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.ph...tionhash=guest

The Readme said to unzip it, copy the USPS.php into the zencart shipping module directory. I copied USPS.php into zenstore/includes/modules/shipping and copied modules into my admin folder. when that did not work, I copied the USPS.php file into zenstore/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping.

I logged out of the admin area of my zencart and back in and checked after each of these copies but the USPS module still does not show up in the Modules/shipping area.

What am I missing?