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    Default Wrong rates when Shipping with FedEx Web Services Freight

    I am currently using fedexwebservices for my shipping. ALL seems good when item ships ground.

    The problem is when the item ships freight. The pricing is way off.

    Does anyone have a recommendation on getting the correct freight pricing.

    I noticed that when the item ships freight the options i get are

    • Fedex 1 Day Freight
    • Fedex 2 Day Freight
    • Fedex 3 Day Freight

    Maybe if i could change to economy somehow I could get a more accurate rate.

    If someone could assist me or lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Wrong rates when Shipping with FedEx Web Services Freight

    Unfortunately the prices did not come through (if they were included), though wouldn't help much anyways as the other pertinent information is missing (starting location, ending location as in zones).

    Listed three freight options, what are you expecting to see different?

    What version of the software are you using?

    Say way off, rates coming back high or low?
    Do you have some sort of Fedex account that is associated with your online pricing that you are not carrying over to your live shipment?
    Is there some sort of sizing that is modifying the price of the shipment (pricing may be by dimensional rate(s) or self packaged, etc...)?
    Have you contacted Fedex to see about why the discrepancy between the online pricing and what you actually ship?
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