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    help question Issues Installing TaxCloud Addon

    I am trying to install TaxCloud on v1.5.1, but I am lost as to the process. Before installing the upgrade to 1.5.1, I tried to install the addon in v1.5 with no success. Based on the readme file, I am not sure where all of the files are to go.

    These are the only instructions included in the readme file referring to the actual installation of the files:

    2. Unzip taxcloud files into zen cart installation directory. (Note - as a part of the Zen Cart installation you are prompted to rename the "admin" folder. Since we cannot predict how you will rename the admin folder you must copy the files from the TaxCloud "admin" folder over to your renamed folder.)

    The next step talks about configuring the module within the ZC admin area. Apparently, a new menu item should appear under Locations/Taxes in order to set certain tax information, but I don't see that. What am I missing?

    Can anyone provide any guidance, please? I am a newbie to setting up a shopping cart and would appreciate any help.


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    Default Re: Issues Installing TaxCloud Addon

    Hello, the files in the zipped TaxCloud module follow the folder hierarchy of the Zen Cart installation directory. So the files in the module under the "includes" directory go into the "includes" folder in the Zen Cart installation directory. The easiest way to do this is to unzip the zip file first, and then copy over all the contents of the zip file into the Zen Cart installation directory. Some files are replaced and some are added. It is best to do a backup of your installation before you start this process. Feel free to send me a message if you continue to have issues. I can assist in the installation.



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