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    Default How to synchronize with ERPLY point of sale (POS) software?

    Hi there

    My Zen Cart is running great... and my business partner's ERPLY point of sale (POS) software in this physical store is running greate as well.

    We decided to merge our business including our stock. If we have only one common stock in the future, we need a way that our webshop solution (i.e. my Zen Cart) and our point of sale solution (i.e. ERPLY) communicate together in order that both systems always show the correct stock. E.g. if a customer buys a product in the physical store via ERPLY, Zen Cart's database needs to be informed that stocks are reduced by one item.

    - Is anyone out there having experience with synchronizing Zen Cart with point of sale software?
    - How can I do that best?

    I appreciate any kind of help pointing me in the right direction!

    Thanks & regards,

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    Default Re: How to synchronize with ERPLY point of sale (POS) software?

    I'd speak directly to ERPLY, if they haven't already done a ZC integration, they may have done an oscommerce one which would be a good start. From 5 seconds research it appears cloud-based so they would have to advise you what integration technology they will allow.
    I'm currently revising an xml-rpc connector ported from OSC to run queries into Zen Cart. Not Fun. They may allow you the same technology.
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    Default Re: How to synchronize with ERPLY point of sale (POS) software?

    To accomplish this in realtime it would require that both databases exist on the same server
    Else a batch operation run periodically be performed

    Hopefully, some indice for the products are the same on both systems i.e. products_model number in the zencart DB matches a number in the POS DB

    Then a sql statement can be constructed to extract the current stock levels and another to update the ZenCart DB
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