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    Default Error 500 - irregularly

    I'm using MAMP and have ZC151 installed with the following addons: CSS/JS-loader, FEAC Quick checkout, Facebook Opengraph, Cookie control. For each of these modules I have meticulously followed instructions. My site has 2 languages, and all language files have been edited properly (i checked for missing ';>) etc.).
    I have turned minify off for the time being.
    What is happening is that everything worked fine until I was fine-tuning the settings of FEAC and changed to Dutch language. Following that, the server gave an unexepected condition error.
    Somehow I got over that, after rebooting my computer and MAMP. But now while installing Cookie Control, the same thing happens again. It seems the problem is Java related, but I'm not sure.

    Does this problem sound familiar to anyone, or is anyone aware of a setting that I need to change (in MAMP?).

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    Default Re: Error 500 - irregularly

    Sorry, for wasting anybodies time... After posting I found the post about error 500 and checked the LOG files of my installation - and found out I had NOT checked my edits properly. One definition in a language file was lacking the ; at the end. That was all.
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