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    Default Which API is used to connect w/ MySQL?

    I've have a couple of questions here and they are related.

    1. Which API does ZenCart use to connect to the MYSQL database? PDO, MySQLi, or MySQL?

    Perhaps this is out of scope with what should be asked on this UG, but will ask anyway. been struggling all evening with this., big thanks

    2. I've customized the Contact Form and am trying to build a page to show the contents of the entire table. Having trouble just getting a count on the number of rows..

    $contact_form_data = $db->Execute("select * from contact_form_data");

    //$count = count($db->Execute("select * from contact_form_data")); DON'T WORK
    //$count = mysql_numrows($contact_form_data); IxNeh

    thank you,

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    Default Re: Which API is used to connect w/ MySQL?

    It uses MySQL.

    The logic you need is:
    PHP Code:
    global $db;
    $sql "select * from tablename";
    $result $db->Execute($sql);

    // optional:
    //$num_records = $result->RecordCount();

    // to loop thru the resultset:
    while(!$result->EOF) {
    $result->fields['fieldname1'] . ' ' $result->fields['fieldname2'];

    // now position to the next record so the while() loop can proceed (don't forget this part or you'll have an endless loop!):

    You'll see examples of this all over the modules and classes and functions files.

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