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    Default [Done v1.6.0] email confirmation gets truncated on the < symbol in product names

    It happens in the email confirmation that you receive once a customer orders products.
    i have products with description like
    Advantage Kitten <4kg 6 packs

    the the symbol '<' triggers a truncation in the email so i have to log into the admin section to print off the order to fulfill.
    this was identified in another version, is there a fix for this or should i go ahead and remove all the < symbols.

    here is the older thread about this

    any help will be appreciated.


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    Default Re: email confirmation gets truncated on the < symbol

    i use the latest version of zen cart, 1.5.1

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    Default Re: email confirmation gets truncated on the < symbol

    The quick fix is to use a space, like this:
    Advantage Kitten < 4kg 6 packs

    instead of:
    Advantage Kitten <4kg 6 packs

    and that will fix it for now ...
    Linda McGrath
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    Default Re: email confirmation gets truncated on the < symbol

    Two options:

    a) use the space, like Ajeh mentioned. That's the simplest.

    b) or use the following code change, which will be included in v1.6.0:
          if ($email_text == '') {
            $email_text = str_replace(array('<br>','<br />'), "<br />\n", $block['EMAIL_MESSAGE_HTML']);
            $email_text = str_replace('</p>', "</p>\n", $email_text);
            $email_text = ($module != 'xml_record') ? htmlspecialchars(stripslashes(strip_tags($email_text)), ENT_COMPAT, CHARSET, TRUE) : $email_text;
          } else {
            $email_text = ($module != 'xml_record') ? strip_tags($email_text) : $email_text;
          if ($email_text == '') {
            $email_text = str_replace(array('<br>','<br />'), "<br />\n", $block['EMAIL_MESSAGE_HTML']);
            $email_text = str_replace('</p>', "</p>\n", $email_text);
             $email_text = ($module != 'xml_record') ?  zen_output_string_protected(stripslashes(strip_tags($email_text))) :  $email_text;
          } else if ($module != 'xml_record') {
            $email_text = preg_replace("/<([^[:alpha:]])/", '@lt@\\1', $email_text);
            $email_text = strip_tags($email_text);
            $email_text = str_replace('@lt@', '<', $email_text);

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