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    Default UPS - bulk/discount shipping price configuration

    I downloaded and installed both the USPS and UPS shipping extensions. That is all well. UPS is happily connecting via the API and displaying rates. The problem is that of displaying the correct rates according to the shipping model/method and discount agreement set up with UPS.

    For instance, if you arrange for automated, preprinted labels you get $5 off per package. Then if you have gotten your quantities up into some massive volume you can earn some additional incremental discounts.

    The UPS shipping module, UPS United Parcel, allows for setting up a shipping/handling charge but there is no obvious way to account for either the $5 label discount or other volume discounts.

    It appears that I can fudge with handling/package fee (using a negative value) to sort of account for this, but nothing really designed in this regard. There is no field where you can enter your UPS account number through to the API.

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