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    Default Mods with API - Can I install on staging site?


    I am building a site to replace an existing site like this: <--- building <--- will eventually move to here

    I have already customized the template and added numerous mods. I have a few remaining mods (outlined below), then I will be adding site content (products, ez pages, etc)

    A number of the mods the new site still needs have APIs that will require my ZC to communicate with other sites:
    • Shipping mods (Fedex, Fedex LTL, USPS, etc)
    • Tax mod (Taxcloud)

    Can I go ahead and install/configure/test these on the staging site or do I have to wait until I am on the final domain?

    Similarly, I will be installing (I was already planning to save these two until the site is on the final domain):
    • Google Merchant Feeder
    • XML sitemap

    I'm very nervous about installing w/o configuring and completely testing each mod before I move to the next. I'd hate to stack a bunch of untested mods, then go back and configure once I'm live! I'd prefer to install and configure one-by-one, in case I miss a file that needs merging or some other minor thing that screws everything up.

    But the overriding important thing is minimizing downtime for my client when I replace the old site with the new. For that reason, it would be best to have everything completely installed and configured on the staging site.

    If the API's in the shipping/tax mods are domain neutral, I'd like to go ahead and set them up now. That way the site will be good to go instantly.

    What would you do? Would you go ahead and install the remaining mods now? Or simply move on to adding content, saving the last mods for after migrating to the correct domain?


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    Default Re: Mods with API - Can I install on staging site?

    They should be domain neutral

    Are you not creating this on the domain in a folder??
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    Default Re: Mods with API - Can I install on staging site?

    Kobra, I really could use some advice on this, thanks for sticking you head in.

    Unfortunately I do not have access to server the domain is currently pointed at. They pay a monthly fee to some silly ecommerce company for the current 'store'. My client does not even have ftp access. It's a joke.

    I have set up a VPS for them. I am staging on a throw away domain they have, which I pointed at the VPS. When I am ready to go live, I will simply point their domain (the one they are using for the store) at the new server. At that point they will be 'live' with the store I built.

    At that point I was going to put the ZC into catalog mode so I could rush around and wire up, Paypal, and all the other API based mods.

    Are you saying you think I can go ahead and install/configure the shipping and tax mods, maybe in sandbox mode? Even though I am not even on the actual domain while working? What about Paypal and Authize?

    If I wait to do all the API stuff until on the actual server, I might put them out of commission for a short time. I'd rather do it ahead of time (like now)... but I don't want to add insult to injury by duplicating work if I have to redo things once I'm live. I want the transition to be seamless... but I also don't want to shoot myself in the foot. Pretty sure they won't be paying me extra if I screw something up, even if it was with good intent.

    My experience with API is very limited and my memory is bad. Plus, everytime I've set one up, the conditions were ideal (new cart, on the real domain, before the site was 'live').

    Help! :)

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    Default Re: Mods with API - Can I install on staging site?

    As Kobra said, they're probably domain neutral ... as in, if you provide the correct API credentials, they'll probably all work.
    I know PayPal and Authnet will. Granted, you'll want to also refund your test transactions made using those.

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    Default Re: Mods with API - Can I install on staging site?

    Good news, thanks!



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