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    Default setting up and autoresponder - possibly to link in with mailchimp or just within zen

    Hello all, I have a zen cart site that someone very helpful and a lot smarter than me helps me with all the tricky parts, I just make it pretty and make the prodcust...

    But, I want to have it so a certain time after someone purchases somethine, they get an autoresponder, possibly somehow linking to mailchimp which is where I put all of our newsletter subscribers (that we get from various places not just zen cart) which will send them a survey we set up in survey monkey (the primates connection is not lost on me here).

    A month ago I purchased a plug in from here which sounded like it was going to do the trick and looked like a legit site to me, however, a dozen messages later and a paypal dispute ignored, and I still have nothing (it promises a 4 day turnaround, so its about 30 days overdue) I am guessing thats never going to happen, so need to find another option.

    The short version is, I would like to automatically send clients a survey after a set period of time after their order, can anyone suggest the best way to do this?

    My version of zen cart is v1.5.1 and in case it is needed, my website is

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    Default Re: setting up and autoresponder - possibly to link in with mailchimp or just within

    Try searching the Plugins area for mailbeez.



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