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    Default WARNING: Copy completed to Invalid Category to Link

    All out there,

    I've used the multiple copy (category to category) function a number of times without issue. Today, though, I twice got this message when I carried out a multiple copy process:

    WARNING: Valid Category to link Products From: 38 WARNING: Copy completed to Invalid Category to Link: 40

    In this example (one of two), both Category 38 and Category 40 were set up and operational, and the system carried out the multiple copy function (the copied products are loaded and working in the Copy To category), but it still gave me the warning message about the "Invalid Category to Link". Could any one tell me what this warning message means, and how I should respond to it? I have the basic 1.5.1 install with no add-ons yet and very little customization made from Admin.

    Actually, I would be quite happy to do the research myself, but I haven't been able to find out anything about this warning message in forum posts (I'm sure that there must be some posts, but I can't find them) or in the FAQs. All I could find through general web searches were references to the code lines in the php file, so I know whence the warning message *originates*, but I don't know what it *means*.

    So to a general question, does ZenCart yet have a comprehensive list of error and warning messages, including explanations of what they mean?


    Lune Keltkar

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    Default Re: WARNING: Copy completed to Invalid Category to Link

    Should anyone else

    be pondering this warning message, I've a bit of an update. I've discovered that ZenCart gives me this message only when I copy and link products to a category that doesn't already have at least one product in it. In other words, if a category isn't listed under "Categories with Products that are Available for Linking" when I start the Multiples Categories Link Manager, then ZenCart will give me the warning message if I try to copy and link products to that category. Near as I can figure, products_to_categories.php doesn't recognize a presently empty category as being "valid", although the system still copies the products into the empty category and links them properly (after which it recognizes the category as "valid").

    Unless I learn otherwise through some further research, I'm treating this warning message as simply telling me that I just copied and linked products into a category that was erstwhile empty, which is the case.


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    Default Re: WARNING: Copy completed to Invalid Category to Link

    So why is an empty category considered "invalid"?
    Steve Spanish Language Pack, Google reCaptcha, Structured Data, Multiple Copy-Move-Delete, Image Checker, BackupMySQL Admin/Auto, Product Listing Sorter...



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