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    Default Placing orders from dropshipping suppliers?

    I finally got the guts to start ecommerce so very I'm new to this and although I have learned a lot by researching there's a few things that make me a little scared and this is one of them. When I recieve an order, do I place the order to the dropshipping supplier? Is this automated? All the products from the supplier show up on my website and order can be placed but do I have to manually go to the supplier and fill in the information after I charge them? I'm also not sure what would happen if someone orders from more than one of the suppliers. Does the invoice get sent automatically to them when they pay through the modules or is that something I have to do? One more question is if the invoice is sent and they ordered from 2 different suppliers will the invoice put them together with no problems? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to test this out personally since my website isn't officially running and I'm currently going through permits and such. I hope to be able to get test this as soon as the legal stuff gets done.

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    Default Re: Placing orders from dropshipping suppliers?

    These are all questions you will need to ask of your dropshipper.

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    Default Re: Placing orders from dropshipping suppliers?

    In general, dropshippers don't get involved in your business. You run the thing independently from them. when the order comes in, you notify (and pay) the dropshipper through their ordering system.

    Be VERY CAREFUL... there are lots of sharks in that area of business. Choose your dropshipper very carefully and do a LOT of research first.

    See my post in your other thread here:
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