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    Default column divider line off centered


    Just installed column divider pro in my new ZC. I am also using Dr. Byte's layout grid mod. (I enabled the products layout php as it was instructed)

    Two issues that I can not solve:

    1. The vertical line is not in the center. (I looked in the firebug and it seems like the line has a 15px right margin, but I can not figure why. It is not in the css).

    2. In the new products, featured.... there is a huge space above and under each product.

    Anyone has a solution? Please see at

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: column divider line off centered

    You are asking this in Templates, Stylesheets, Page Layout which is for default code issues

    You have 3rd party plugins and should be seeking advice in the addon area

    There is a support thread listed where you downloaded this
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