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    Default Short Description problems - no description on product list page

    I've installed Short Description (1.1c) on my 1.39h install.

    It is displaying a short description on the product info page.

    It is NOT displaying on the product list page.

    I have examined the settings under Configuration > Product Listing > Display Product Short Descriptions and tried various numbers between 1 and 99 (what do these numbers indicate anyway).

    Nothing works -- and actually some settings (3, for example) cause odd duplication of product names or photos.

    The install went fine -- no errors and all else seems to be working.

    Any suggestions for making this work? If not, is there another way to get a short description on the product listing page?



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    Default Re: Short Description problems - no description on product list page

    HI John,

    How did you go with this problem, I have installed short description on my site and also seem to have the same problem as you mention.




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