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    Default Reinstall without losing the data

    I have lost some Zen Cart files. Can I I have entered like products and categories.

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    Default Re: Reinstall Zen Cart without losing the data

    Which files have you "lost"? If it's not one of the configure.php files and you haven't done any customization yet, you can simply copy the files in the Zen Cart distribution back to your site using your FTP program. Since the configure.php files aren't part of the distribution, they won't overwrite anything with that copy.

    Once those files are copied, you'll want to fix-up your admin directory (where YOUR_ADMIN is the name you've selected for your admin directory):
    1. copy the file /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/configure.php to /admin/includes/configure.php
    2. delete the /YOUR_ADMIN directory and all its files
    3. rename the /admin directory to /YOUR_ADMIN

    You'll also need to delete (or rename) the zc_install directory for your store to come back up.



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