This morning, smack in the top middle of my Zen Cart home page was this large white and black message stating "Please stop hotlinking my easing script — use a real CDN instead. Many thanks" This looks really bad to be happening on a commercial web site.

What's going on with the Sheffield Blue template from Picaflor Azul????? I'm not in a position to provide an immediate fix because I'm not quite sure what the plugin author is talking about.

It linked to and said, among other things
If you're coming here because of a popup on your site I'm sorry, but the increased hotlinking has caused me issues with my hosting company so I'm taking steps to try and sort it out. Please upload the script to your own server and update any urls pointing to to use that version of the file or you could try using the above url for CDN (though this currently only has the 1.3 easing script, look at for more info and maybe try and add any missing files/versions still in use).

Please also note, I have no problem with anyone's use of the plugin without my knowledge or permission, it's just the hotlinking that's causing me a headache.