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    red flag Any simple step by step instructions available?

    I downloaded the V1.5.1 and then realized that I could not just open it and have it work so now I have all these files and I am unsure how to proceed. I read under the FAQ that I should not take my site down but write down all the plugins and then construct a new site separately and then install all those plugins and test it before taking down and putting up the rebuilt one.

    I was lucky to get the first one up and I had to finally hire a guy to help me get the bugs out of it and make it work. Are there any step by step instructions for normal people (excluding the tech instructions) telling me how to go about upgrading? I am scared I will erase work that I spent months putting in.

    Then is it really worth the headache to try to do this upgrade if the site is currently functioning?

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    Default Re: Any simple step by step instructions available?

    There's this:

    The steps are fairly well laid out - don't let this stuff intimidate you.

    What version are you currently using ? If it's earlier than 1.3.9h, it's very important that you upgrade as soon as possible.

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    Default Re: Any simple step by step instructions available?

    There's also this information if you are upgrading.



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