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    Default Which one is the Best Gallery for Additional Images?


    I am using Zen Cart 1.5 and have looked through all of the add ons and post I can find. I have tried lightbox but am needing some type of plug in that will work for a typical product gallery. I'm sure this must exist.

    I have a website that sells products, each product will have 4-5 different pictures that the client wishes to showcase.

    I have the additional images placed without a problem but would really like them to also have a "pop up" effect as the main images do.

    Is there a recommendation for the best way to display additional images and main images so they all display the same?

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    Default Re: Best Gallery for Additional Images

    this'll do it for you
    you can use it first as a trial too.

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    Default Re: Best Gallery for Additional Images

    Thanks, I did that and used the module to install it but it only lets the main image open with a pop up viewer. Not the extra images like the example shows. Any ideas why that would be?

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    Default Re: Best Gallery for Additional Images

    Contact them for a solution
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