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    Default Re: Error 1044 when importing DATABASE

    When the db with edited or deleted statement as mentioned above went through without error message, I see there seem to double entries.
    The newly, automatically created db had empty zenkg_products, zenkg_customers etc.
    Then below those another section continues with znc_products, znc_customers etc, which are the real stuff.

    Perhaps the website tries to show zenkg_products, which are empty, I guess.
    I am not sure the way I edited the db is right or not.
    These may shed some light.

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    Default Re: Error 1044 when importing DATABASE

    Perfect timing for the thread to be resurrected.
    Just this week, I had the issue where I received that error when importing the database backup created from our live site into the database of my sandbox site.
    #1044 - Access denied for user 'MySandboxCpanelAccount'@'localhost' to database
    > 'MyLiveDatabaseName'
    I know that I have used the same process for creating exporting the zencart database on nearly a daily basis since created in 2009.
    I know that I have imported the database into the sandbox whenever desired.

    The host found that there was a CREATE/USE statement within the backup. Don't know what changed. Could it be differences in mySQL versions? I don't know.

    I did find that the zencart database backup FAQ that I have been using for the process specifically states to Check the radio box for "Add CREATE DATABASE / USE statement"

    I did find that when I Do Not check that radio button, no error message when importing the database into my sandbox everything works as expected.

    Using phpMyAdmin v3.4 or higher:

    The ideal settings to do a backup via phpMyAdmin are shown below. Settings not mentioned can be left to their defaults.
    You will be presented with a choice of "Quick Backup" or "Custom", CHOOSE "Custom", and then make the following selections:
    - Output: - Save output to a file, leave all the other settings under Output as defaults, except maybe Compression:
    OPTIONAL: - Compression: "gzipped" (or whatever you prefer... gzip makes smaller files, but zip files are easier to read on Windows computers)
    - Format: - SQL
    - Format-specific options: - You ONLY need to check the "structure and data" option.
    - Object creation options: - check ALL the boxes in this section
    - Data dump options: - choose "INSERT" from the pulldown, and check the "both of the above" option. The rest of the defaults are fine.

    I also found that even worse happens when you decide to create a sandbox/test install on the SAME server as your live site and "IMPORT" the data into the "live" db by mistake. Guess what, the import completes without an error. The test db is EMPTY. The LIVE database has just been overwritten with the backup. If your backup is 36 hours old, and broke your own rule of "Do nothing to the DB without making a backup immediately prior", you just lost 36 hours of important data that you will not realize until 48 hours later and have to manually recreate the orders.
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