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    Default Session Expired when attempting to go to HTTPS Checkout Page


    Allow me to apologize for bringing up another thread on the 'woops: session expired' issue. I can promise you all, I have done everything I can think of, and completely read every thread I can find regarding this problem here on zen-cart, and searched on google.

    Here is the issue:

    If I enable SSL checkout, and click the checkout link after adding products to the shipping cart, the session is lost and a checkout can not occur.

    Here is what I know and what I have tried:

    1: If I change the shopping cart to use SSL, there is no issue with getting to the checkout page, so it is clearly an issue going from HTTP to HTTPS.
    2: I have no problem with checkout via HTTP.
    3: I have attempted multiple browsers (Chrome, IE, and Firefox) and all exhibit this issue.
    4: I have cleared cache and cookies.
    5: I have tried storing sessions in file form and DB form (hey, trying anything at this point).
    6: My SSL certificate works for both and

    My store is at - and you can easily recreate this (even without SSL checkout enabled) by copying the checkout link that will be on the header, and pasting it directly into the URL box and changing the URL to HTTPS.

    Any assistance is helpful. Snips of my configure.php file are below:

    // Define the webserver and path parameters
    // HTTP_SERVER is your Main webserver: eg-
    // HTTPS_SERVER is your Secure webserver: eg-
    define('HTTP_SERVER', '');
    define('HTTPS_SERVER', '');

    // Use secure webserver for checkout procedure?
    define('ENABLE_SSL', 'false');

    // NOTE: be sure to leave the trailing '/' at the end of these lines if you make changes!
    // * DIR_WS_* = Webserver directories (virtual/URL)
    // these paths are relative to top of your webspace ... (ie: under the public_html or httpdocs folder)
    define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/');
    define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/');

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    Default Re: Session Expired when attempting to go to HTTPS Checkout Page

    Well, it seems as though my problem has been solved, but I couldn't give the specific thing that fixed it.

    In an effort to improve security for being PCI Compliant, I had to upgrade my server OS, so I could get OpenSSL 1.0e instead of .98. This gave me TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 support.

    A lot of things got updated in that upgrade (apache, mysql, php, etc), so unfortunately, I don't have something useful for others with the same problem.

    Thanks for looking, but this issue is now resolved.



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