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    Default [Done v1.5.2] function email_collect_extra_info, closing table tag in wrong place

    I see 1.5.2 now supports the use of additional fields in the extra info section (something I use), despite not yet being used by any other vanilla code, as far as I can see.

    PHP Code:
    '<tr><td class="extra-info-bold">' OFFICE_DATE_TIME '</td><td>' date('D M j Y G:i:s T') . '</td></tr>' '</table>';

    $moreinfo as $key => $val) {
    $extra_info['TEXT'] .= $key ': ' $val "\n";
    $extra_info['HTML'] .= '<tr><td class="extra-info-bold">' $key '</td><td>' $val '</td></tr>';
    $extra_info;  } 
    However the closing table tag should now be moved to encompass the optional fields.

    I suggest:
    PHP Code:
    '<tr><td class="extra-info-bold">' OFFICE_DATE_TIME '</td><td>' date('D M j Y G:i:s T') . '</td></tr>' ;

    $moreinfo as $key => $val) {
    $extra_info['TEXT'] .= $key ': ' $val "\n";
    $extra_info['HTML'] .= '<tr><td class="extra-info-bold">' $key '</td><td>' $val '</td></tr>';
    $extra_info['TEXT'] .= "\n";
    $extra_info['HTML'] .= '</table>';

    For the interest of anyone wishing to use this new functionality, the format of the array to be passed in the email_collect_extra_info function call would be something like this:
    PHP Code:
    $extra_fields = array(
    EMAIL_FORM_HONEYPOT => $honeypot_field,
    EMAIL_FORM_FILL_TIME => $form_fill_time
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    Default Re: function email_collect_extra_info, closing table tag in wrong place


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