This Zen Cart payment method replaces the processing for the built-in PayPal Express Checkout (paypalwpp) module, using the more recent Name/Value Pair (NVP) interfaces introduced in NVP interface versions 63.0 to 84.0; refer to PayPal Name/Value Pair API Developer Guide for additional information. This payment method is, essentially, a building block for future payment methods that might choose to implement additional PayPal functionality.

If you have previously installed one of the built-in PayPal payment methods, that payment method must be removed before you can install the paypalwpp_v84 payment method.

This payment module was created using the source code for the Zen Cart v1.5.2-RC2 paypalwpp payment method, so those PayPal changes and payment method improvements have been built in! That said, there are a couple of differences in the module's operation (besides the interface change):
  1. Unlike the built-in PayPal Express Checkout payment method, this plugin supports only the PayPal mode of operation. If your store requires either PayFlow-UK or PayFlow-US mode, you should continue to use the built-in version.
  2. This payment method introduces another selection for the Require Confirmed Address setting Always. This setting's choices are now:
    • No a "Confirmed Address" from PayPal is never required. This setting is the default.
    • Yes a "Confirmed Address" is required only if the customer is not currently logged in, i.e. the customer has clicked the "PayPal Express Checkout" button to start the payment process.
    • Always a "Confirmed Address" is always required even if the customer is logged in. If your store does not collect full address information during account creation, I suggest that you use this setting.
  3. The display of an order's PayPal history now includes the entire history as part of the Customers->Orders->Edit Order display. The following screenshot shows, for example, a transaction that was paid using the payment method, disputed and subsequently resolved.Name:  ipn_info.jpg
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I'll be uploading the module to the Plugins area shortly and will post here when I've got a link.