Twitch Restrict Categories by Customer or Group
for ZenCart v1.51 - Version 14a
January 13.2014


- From your admin, this module will allow you to hide categories for multiple customers by new unlimited Group ID assignments, per single category.
- Works with category tabs, category sidebox and search/advanced search.

How it Works:

- In admin each category has a drop down menu that looks for group numbers you create.
- A new database table stores category_id and customers_cat_group relational data.

Note: There is no limitation/filter to enforce parent_id control - useful for hiding categories without disabling products.

- Category_id is set for default 0 so everyone can see the category until you change the Group ID.
- SQL included to add all existing categories to the new table.
- Filters are added to category tabs, category sidebox and search/advanced search to only display if category Group ID matches guest/logged in customer Group ID.

Related Uses:
Aside from hiding categories here and there, you could think it through a bit more...
- Without installing a full featured wholesale module you could simply create a wholesale customer group and keep all of the wholesale categories/products separate.
- Force all categories to have a Group ID != 0, no categories will show for guests - this would make it compatible with Customer Shop Status out of the box.
- Support tier membership, add categories for higher tiers.
- Hide seasonal categories/products.

This module is based on the updated v151 Display Specific Categories for a logged in Customer (single customer per category restriction)

This module is NOT related to Category Specific Access Restriction (CSAR)