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    Quote Originally Posted by dbltoe View Post
    Since you mentioned EP4, consider that using it could contribute to your problem as it is made for the later versions of ZC - thus it may be auto-converting to the later charset.

    What about a 1.39 version of Ep?

    Just a wag. Upgrade is best, of course.
    EP4 was actually made during the time of earlier versions of ZC, but had depended on two things. 1) the user entering data using utf8 AND 2) the system supporting mb_ style functions. In absence of the mb_ style functions, then it did not try to convert the text to utf8. This system apparently supports the mb_ style functions and therefore an attempt is made to export (and import) using utf8 on a non-utf8 system. It is expected that with a minor change to the EP4 code that non-utf8 encoding could be supported.
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    Just wanted to update my portion of this thread. Turns out the my zc139h db had been updated to UTF8 somewhere along the line, but none of the config/lang files had been updated. Once those files had been updated, EP4 began working as expected and the funny characters (┬) stopped generating.

    As a followup to that change, I will grep thru all php files looking for any files where latin1 and/or iso-8539-1 has been hard coded.

    If I find places where latin1/iso-8539-1 are coded in, can I simply update to utf8 or will that introduce problems?


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