This plugin enables your store to offer your customers multiple shipping addresses on a single order, so long as the currently-selected payment method supports shipping to multiple addresses! Many payment modules will not provide a store-owner with seller protection if a customer's products are shipped to an unvetted address.

For the initial release of the plugin, only the moneyorder payment method has been updated to provide this support. The intent with this plugin's release is to provide a basic framework that can be tested (and otherwise improved) by the Zen Cart community and within which other, more intricate, payment methods can also support multiple ship-to addresses.

Every effort has been made to reduce the core-file changes required. Where possible, the change has been limited to the insertion of one or more Zen Cart notifiers at significant points. When it was not possible, the changes are spanned by comments indicating the beginning (//-bof-multiship) and end (//-eof-multiship) of the code-fragments.

I'm preparing to upload v1.0.0 BETA1 to the plugins area and will post its download link once I receive it.