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    Default Alternate Flow for Manually-entered Customer Orders

    Hello. I receive some orders via phone which I currently enter in using login as customer for existing accounts or creating a new account for new users.
    I'm looking to simplify this flow a bit so I can go faster. Is there a way to create an alternate order flow on the customer or admin side that will let me bypass some fields? For instance, I always set up a dummy password for the customer, but if this step was autofilled with a random password that would be less typing for me. I saw a plugin for adding orders but not sure how this works for new customers. Don't want to use Ajax for compatibility. Any ideas welcome.
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    Default Re: Alternate Flow for Manually-entered Customer Orders

    Well, the auto generated password should be relatively easy to implement once the code exists to create the password. Essentially when the form is displayed as a part of the above choice(s) of creating the account, then the field would be autopopulated from that function. It's more than likely custom coding, but it may also just be merging some other plugin with the above.
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    Default Re: Alternate Flow for Manually-entered Customer Orders

    One could use one of the "add customer from admin" plugins. "Add customer from admin" is more full featured (highly recommwnd taking a look at this one)... But it sounds like the more basic "Admin new customer" may be a better fit for your example (assigns a random undisclosed password automatically - only requires entry of address and configured "required" customer fields).

    One could use "admin new order" (adds a button on the customer admin page) to create an order for the customer (new or existing).

    Finally one could use "edit orders" to add products, shipping, notes, and set the appropriate status for the order.

    All the actions can be done from the admin interface - and if the customer wants to log into the site in the future one can use the "forgot password" (sends a new temp password via email to the customer).
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