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    Default Wondering if there is a plugin out there that...?

    Wondering if there is a plugin out there that.. would enable me to add multiple products at once to expedite the product information entering process. I feel that I spend hours sometimes just to add one single product to my store. Please let me know- Thank you

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    Default Re: Wondering if there is a plugin out there that...?

    Ooops I misread the question.... Disregard
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    Default Re: Wondering if there is a plugin out there that...?

    And how do you imagine that plugin? Because, there's EasyPopulate which allows you to mass import products from a spreadsheet (CSV format). Although, some spreadsheet formatting is required before importing, but nothing major...
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    Default Re: Wondering if there is a plugin out there that...?

    Although I'm partial to Easy Populate as well, there is also Apsona, and like balihr asked, what is it that you would like to do "all at once"? If say you wanted to discount all items in a category, a SQL command or one of the admin options would do, but want to add 50 products each with their own specific details, well that's another thing (the above recommended software can help though.)
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