Hi everybody, sorry if this is a really simple thing and I'm missing something, but I really can't figure this one out by myself.

Until now, all store e-mails have been sent to just one address. Let's call it [email protected]

However, now I'm trying out a new helpdesk software, and to catch the e-mails from zen cart, the best thing would be to have all customer support e-mails sent to the new e-mail address I just created. Let's call it [email protected] :). I have configured my helpdesk software to create tickets from whatever is sent to this address.

I obviously want a drop down menu on the Contact Us page, one for "Customer support" ([email protected]) and another one for "Everything Else" ([email protected]).

The admin settings (config / e-mail / Set "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List) is set to:

Customer Service <[email protected]>, Everything else <[email protected]>.

It works fine to send to the old e-mail address ([email protected] in this case).

But when I try to send to the new address the e-mail simply does not get through. Even though Zen Cart reports that it has been successfully sent.

What am I missing?

The E-Mail Transport Method is PHP. E-mailing works fine everywhere else. I just can't figure out how to get the customer support e-mails to this new e-mail address.

Would really appreciate some help here!

(I did find this thread but this seems to not be the problem :

Lot's of thanks in advance!

Best regards