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    Default Re: Getting the "Whoops! Your session has expired."

    Quote Originally Posted by lat9 View Post
    I'd suggest finding a way for your approach to operate under Zen Cart v1.5.3,
    Unfortunately I do not know what they way is, but I'm open to suggestions...

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    Default Re: Getting the "Whoops! Your session has expired."

    I seriously am in need of some good suggestions If I am to stay on 1.5.
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    Default Re: Getting the "Whoops! Your session has expired."

    Who are you hosted with?

    Check this PHP configuration setting:
    1. Admin->Tools->Server Info ... Press CTRL+F to "search the page" and search for session.hash_bits_per_character
    2. If session.hash_bits_per_character is set to 6, then you'll need to apply this fix:

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