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    Default EZ-Page with custom Form

    Hi everyone,

    I tried to use the EZ-Page as my custom Form (i called Request)
    I used HTML/PHP to create the code for this form and i paste my code into the EZ-Page. It display on site as well. But i do not know where is a best place that i should storage the php processing file for this form
    It means on my custom form, it has 2 files; one html (form, it is already in EZ-page and it shows as well) and another php (processing the form)

    Every ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Best regard,


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    Default Re: EZ-Page with custom Form

    For examples, see

    About Us Page mod (replaces EZ-page)

    Return Authorisation mod

    custom-forms-data-collection Thread

    or any of the other standard form pages



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