This is for Zen Cart v1.5.x
This is the NEW thread for the latest version Reward Points Full Suite v2.5 for Zen Cart v1.5.x.

v2.5 - 11/10/2014

  • Added admin on/off switches to control if you want to show Reward Points on the product info page.. This way folks don't have to do code edits.
  • Fixed now shows Reward Points when viewing details of an order.
  • Fixed a bug with Reward Points and Edit Orders not playing nicely together.
  • Added a readme _docs folder on how to install and upgrade Reward Points.

If you are using Zen Cart v1.3.x:
Please DO NOT post questions regarding the v1.3.x versions of this add-on in this support thread.

Questions regarding the v1.3.x versions of this add-on should be directed to this support thread HERE:

When posting bugs/issues about Reward Points v2.5, it's more helpful to resolve them if you post details. Just saying "it's broken" or "doesn't work" does not provide nearly enough information to help YOU resolve YOUR issue.

Reward Points is in the plugins area here: