I am running 1.39h. I have a webstore that sells ebooks. Previously we sold each product in 5 different formats, and customers chose which to download. Now with the new EU VAT laws, however, we zipped all the formats into one file.

I want to delete the old files off my server and only keep the new zip files up. All the ebooks have been updated with new attributes linking to the new files.

What I want to know is if there is a way to maybe go into phpMyAdmin and change the existing orders so they link to the new zip file instead of to the old individual ebook files. I tried to do it on a few orders through the orders_product_download table, but there was no download link in the customer's order history. I don't know if the orders_products_download_id or orders_product_id has to match something else? The numbers all look unique to me.

I also tried using the Edit Orders plugin, but it didn't work. It will let me edit the line items on the order but not the actual attributes.

Any help would be nice.