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    Default Admin password not accepted after localhost import w/ expired password

    I'm in the process of rebuilding a ZC 1.5.1 website into ZC 1.5.4, initially on my local XAMPP installation (PHP 5.4.27). I started using a fresh copy of ZC 1.5.4 and ran zc_install.

    I then imported my v1.5.1 database into that installation's database and re-ran zc_install. The database upgrade process properly recognized that my database needed to go from v1.5.1 to v1.5.4. I entered my admin username and password and the database upgrade completed (seemingly) without error.

    I then went to log into my renamed admin console, using the same credentials as those accepted during the database upgrade, to be met with the dreaded "You entered the wrong username or password" message.

    So, I went back and tried it again (re-import database, re-database-upgrade) and this time when I entered the admin credentials, I was presented with the "Your password has expired ..." message. I verified (on the current 1.5.1 installation) that, in fact, my admin password had expired.

    I don't know if the password expiration plays into some of the "can't log into admin after upgrade" reports, but thought that I'd at least note it here.

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    Default Re: Admin password not accepted after localhost import w/ expired password

    So, after more than one attempt to login with expired credentials of a sufficient level to permit upgrade, the system response did change from unable to please change...

    While not a surprise to me that the upgrade process ignores the expiration of the password, I would have thought that at completion of the upgrade, that the username/password combination used would have been updated sufficiently to provide the change notification upon first use, rather than subsequent use after upgrade. The other credentials likely to need some sort of processing before reaching that state.

    Btw, not a surprise because I could envision a scenario where it could have been a long time since the store owner had updated the version of the site or logged in and now the time has come to upgrade because software is outdated/non-functional.
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