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    help question Dover Fine configuration

    Dover Fine installation doc. says:
    <Disable the Slide Show
    In your zen cart admin go to Configuration -> Dover Fine
    Click on "Home Page Slideshow".
    Enter "false" and click on the "update" button. >

    Under admin go to Configuration -> Dover Fine I have only 2 items:
    <Dover Fine Template Configuration
    Title Value Action
    Version 1.1 Info (item 1)
    Banner Display Groups Custom Tab Custom Tab(item 2)>

    Nothing more, there is no "Home Page Slideshow".
    There is only 2 items settings I can change, version number and custom tab.
    Is this normal? Or I've mess up with the template installation? Where is "Home Page Slideshow"?
    How many items should be under "Dover Fine Template Configuration" ? May I see screenshot of "Dover Fine Template Configuration" menu? Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Dover Fine configuration

    Try looking through that template's support thread, and post your question there if it hasn't already been answered.



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