Can you please tell me if my Zen Cart is working correctly.

Ive created a list of manufacturers in admin/catalog/manufacturers
and have filled the Manufacturers Name: for each entry.

The issue Im having is that Google Webmaster Tools / HTML Improvements
is highlighting the indexed manufacturers pages as having missing <title></title> tags.

Indeed viewing the page source shows that title,description and keywords are
not filled ... although surprisingly there is a mod to add meta tag data.

Im not understanding why the Manufacturers Name isnt being used to fill the <title> tag

"Google Webmasters Errors" are being shown as ...

Pages with missing title tags

Manufacturers urls names are created as /index/... is this correct ?
Also they are just left with the numerical value.

Im using Simple Seo Urls and that has set up an automatic entry for each manufacturer ...
but that seems to think that the url name that needs to be changed start in this format ...
eg. /elite-gift-boxes-manufacturer-14/ ... where the ending is a bit different, hence the change doesnt happen as it doesnt match the actual name.

I can obviously amend SSUrls to change the url to be in the format I want
but what do I need to do to fill the with the manufacturers name ?

Is this correct how everything is works in my website ?
It just all seems a bit odd - as I thought the admin for manufacturers would
work in the same way as setting up a category and doesnt.