Is there any payment module for paying bill through bank account (using the pay bill service at ATM or through internet banking)?

If not, the Direct Bank Deposit module looks like the closest match (let me know if there’s another module better) but it seems that bill no. is not provided in the payment details (only bank account, account name and bank name are shown). I want customers to enter the order no. as the bill no. when using the pay bill service at ATM or through internet banking so that I’ll easily know which order is being paid and I also wanna give them a payment deadline (say order date plus 2 days).

1. Is there any way to add order no. and an actual payment deadline to the payment details shown under Payment Method on the Order Confirmation page and to the emails sent to customers and any other places where payment details are shown?

2. Can I change the instruction as well from “Please use the following details to transfer your total order value:” to something like “Please pay your order with Pay Bill Service at a local ATM or through internet banking using the following details:”?

3. Can a statement be added under the payment details on the Order Confirmation page saying “An email with the above payment details will be sent to you after checkout”?

I think the above may be done with some changes to the codes? I’m a php dummy. Really need some help on this. Thanks a million…