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    Default Can't Login, is there a way to reset admin password with FTP access?

    So I tried login into my Admin account using a saved password:

    Got in and got prompted to change my password over 90 days expiry. Could not figure out my saved passwords (saved in opera). So could not get a new password.

    Tried different passwords and got email about 6 attempts and email lockout.

    So over few hours tried different passwords getting locked out I guess every time (I get the email).

    Finally I tried doing password reset this morning. I get a new password and try to login but it always fails and I get the email that my account has been locked again. This happened 3 times.

    I don't know what to do. I have full access to FTP. Is there a file I can replace to wipe my admin accounts table and start with default? I have another Admin account but can't login to that either.
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    Default Re: Can't Login, is there a way to reset admin password with FTP access?

    You need access to the database - phpMYadmin perhaps through hosting cPanel or other?
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    Default Re: Can't Login, is there a way to reset admin password with FTP access?

    You might read this FAQ on resetting a password for your Admin via phpMyAdmin:
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