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    Default Re: Google Ecommerce Tracking

    It appears this Thread is outdated.
    Nobody responds...
    Let's move on.

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    Default Re: Google Ecommerce Tracking

    This is to help people having trouble with setting up google analytics. Not sure if it will help but it should give you a general idea of how to set it up and what direction to go in

    Steps for setting this up Google Ecommerce Tracking

    My settings for Easy Google Analytics plugin (configuration/easy google Analytics)

    Analytics Enabled: Enabled
    Plugin Version 2.4.9
    Analytics Account UA-xxxxxxxx-1
    Target Address customers
    Use SKU code products_id
    AdWords Conversion Tracking Active Yes
    AdWords Conversion Tracking Number xxxxxx
    Google AdWords Language en_US
    Analytics Tracking Type universal
    Custom Tracking JS Enabled Enable
    Google Conversion Label xxxxxx
    Custom Tracking JS
    Demographics and Interest Reports Enabled

    For this module to work correctly you will need to

    1. add your Google Analytics account information in the plugin
    2. create a conversion tag in AdWords and add it to the plugin.

    Example of my conversion tag settings in AdWords
    • Category: Purchase/Sale
    • Conversion name: Conversion
    • Value Use different values. If there's no value, use $0.
    • Source
    • Not editable Website
    • Count One conversion
    • Conversion window 30 days
    • View-through window 1 day
    • Include in "Conversions" Yes
    • Attribution model Time decay

    Once this is complete go to google analytics and see if you are getting traffic. This should tell you if the module is working correctly.

    If you want to set up remarketing you will need to add this to your common footer. (you may have to make some minor modifications on the script below to work correctly.) pending on what you consider a conversion. Also there are some modifications you will need to make in adwords in order for the remaketing to work correctly.

    <!-- dynamic remarketing -->
      if(window.location.pathname == "/") {
        var google_tag_params = {
          ecomm_pagetype: 'home'
      }else if(jQuery('#indexBody').length>0) {
        var google_tag_params = {
          ecomm_pagetype: 'category'
      }else if(jQuery('#productinfoBody').length>0) {
        var id = window.location.href.split('products_id=')[1];
        var price =parseFloat(jQuery('.productSpecialPrice:first').text().replace(/[^0-9.]/g,''));
        var google_tag_params = {
          ecomm_prodid: id,
          ecomm_pagetype: 'product',
          ecomm_totalvalue: price
      }else if(jQuery('#shoppingcartBody').length > 0) {
        var cart_ids = new Array();
        var price = parseFloat(jQuery('#cartSubTotal .price').text().replace(/[^0-9.]/g,''));
        var google_tag_params = {
          ecomm_prodid: cart_ids,
          ecomm_pagetype: 'cart',
          ecomm_totalvalue: price
        var google_tag_params = {
          ecomm_pagetype: 'other'
        try {
            ga('set', 'dimension1', window.google_tag_params.ecomm_prodid.toString());
        } catch (e) {}
        try {
            ga('set', 'dimension2', window.google_tag_params.ecomm_pagetype.toString()); 
        } catch (e) {}
        try {
            ga('set', 'dimension3', window.google_tag_params.ecomm_totalvalue.toString()); 
        } catch (e) {}
        ga('send', 'event', 'page', 'visit', window.google_tag_params.ecomm_pagetype.toString(), {
            'nonInteraction': 1
    <!-- eof dynamic remarketing -->
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    Default Re: Google Ecommerce Tracking

    I've found that this mod breaks One-page checkout mod (
    When this is installed I only get the default zen cart multiple page checkout process.
    I see that you added code specific to FEC/COWOA. Is it possible to update it for lat9's OPC?


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