Zen Cart offers two forms of communication from our website:

a) Subscriptions to forum-posts (individual discussions) and news-announcements posted via the forum
- You can sign up to individual forums or discussion threads by clicking the Subscribe option within each thread or sub-forum section.
- For example, to subscribe to this "news-and-announcements" section (where you're reading this), you can click "Forum Tools" and then "Subscribe to this Forum" (or click this handy link)

*** Important news about security fixes and software patches will first be posted to the forum news announcements, so it's important to be kept aware of those. ***


b) A Monthly email newsletter, where we talk about things related to ecommerce and Zen Cart:
- You can sign up to this newsletter by Joining our FREE Email Mailing List
- (if you were previously signed up to our OLDER tips-and-tricks newsletter which only saw a couple issues, then please sign up to this new one, by clicking the link above. That old list is being deleted because it is stale.)

In the newsletter, on a monthly basis we post about tips and tricks for optimizing your store, current events in the ecommerce industry, and occasionally a promotion that could benefit the effectiveness of your store or save you money.

We encourage you to use both methods!