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    help question will zencart install on mariadb?

    will zencart install on mariadb 10.0.23

    heres the thing
    i had 2 zencart sites
    1 was still 1.3.9h
    the other 1.5.4
    i upgraded from mysql to mariadb
    the 1.5.4 siite worked great the 1.3.9h site i didn't notice stopped working

    i have tried over and over to do an upgrade, or fresh install on a test subdomain
    the install page appears blank
    i tried an atutomated installer it gives an error conecting to the db

    why does 1.5.4 run fine on mariad but the installer script wont load or install or connect with mariadb

    im desperate

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    Default Re: will zencart install on mariadb?

    the install page appears blank
    Have you checked blank page issues??
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