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    Default zc_install on a v150 database. What is the daabase Security Admin User/PW


    I am trying to upgrade from 1.5.0 to 1.5.4.

    I have uploaded my 1.5.0 to a new DB with a new name and PW.

    So I assume that I need to update the database and check the Upgrade the 4 DB from checkboxes (=>1.5.1 and 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 and 1.5.4).

    Under the Database security is asks for the Admin Username (from ZenCart shop Admin areas) and password.

    It is not accepting anything that I keyed in.

    Now I am not sure what is it asking for. ZenCart154 is being setup now so is there even a Admin setup. What user is this on Zen154?????

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    Default Re: zc_install on a v150 database. What is the daabase Security Admin User/PW

    The zc_install upgrade is asking for a username/password combination, as set in the existing (Zen Cart v1.5.0) database.

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    Default Re: zc_install on a v150 database. What is the daabase Security Admin User/PW

    If the credentials are not working, there are a few potential reasons, 1) the php version could be different between the original location of the ZC 1.5.0 DB (namely a lower version now than before though not so likely), 2) the admin user setup could be incorrect having a user role of 0 or a user_id of 0 etc... 3) there are those that said they had to rename the admin directory to admin during this portion of the upgrade (even though this will present a storefront message to customers about the admin named folder), 4) there are those that did they update with the database on one php version (earlier) and then transferred the updated database to the new environment and continued using it, 5) oh, and then there have been those that upload the new database to the new ZC version and then try to access it by logging in through the new admin, this can modify the password and prevent using that account for the upgrade.

    So, curious, which condition(s) would you say apply/care to fill in the gaps with the other information asked in the posting tips?
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