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    application error Products Restricted Zones Addon Issue

    I am using Products Restricted Zones addon to restrict shipping certain items out of state.

    So I have all the In-State Only items under category number 1; however, I do have subcategories under that.

    Category 1
     |-> Sub Category 1_13
     |-> Sub Category 1_7
     |-> Sub Category 1_4
           |-> Sub Category 1_4_13
     |-> Sub Category 24
    Inside addon configuration, I put:

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    This is to say only ship products under Category 1 to California.

    This does not seem to work. I had a customer but an item from Sub Category 1_4_13 out of state.

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    Default Re: Products Restricted Zones Addon Issue

    I've never used the software.

    Does C13:CA do the trick?

    Otherwise would be wondering if the product that was purchased has a master_categories_id outside of the "tree" of Category 1 and just happened to be linked... Again not familiar with the software and would hazard to guess such an issue is probably better addressed in the associated forum thread.
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