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    Just an I see that PHP can check if files exists, tell that it's (if it's the case) impossible to delete a file...

    Why don't we ( I know saying we is a bit exaggerated:-) ) include in any of the modules a routine to check a least that the files have been put in the right directories. A kind of Bill of material.

    I know that's not enough to say that the module is well installed, but if file are missing we're sure that the module won't work so the module can tell the admin that something is missing.

    no ?

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    You can take a look at for example IH4, this mod already checks for files, if they are where they are supposed to be, and if they are writeable if applicable.

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    Some installs do offer that as part of their installation, but errors happen regardless. It's possible for the filename to be there, but no contents, or partial contents, filename could be changed by the person installing based on choice. To what end is this needed? At what point is too much too much? Could have a file check that all constants are defined, that just about anything is the way "expected". But, generally speaking the best check is to use a comparison tool such as listed in this FAQ on useful tools for working with ZC. Not to mention, what happens if the file that is supposed to check for the existence of files has an issue?

    I guess trying to figure out what is the issue that is trying to be resolved? How much of it is/was the original programmer's doing and how much of it was someone later after download?
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